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Chaoyang Jinda Molybdenum Industry produces 20,000 tons of ferromolybdenum project per year

Chaoyang Jinda Molybdenum Industry produces 20,000 tons of ferromolybdenum project per year

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Our company designs and manufactures 20,000 tons of ferromolybdenum roasting production line for Chaoyang Jinda Molybdenum Co., Ltd., which is higher than the automation level of the domestic industry. The user has high requirements in energy consumption and automation. The roasting process of this production line realizes zero energy. Consumption, smelting ingredients are fully automated, greatly reducing the production costs of enterprises.


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Daily operation: 24h/d Kiln daily output: 15t/d Feed: Molybdenum disulfide Finished product: Molybdenum oxide


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The molybdenum concentrate roasting rotary kiln produced by Chaozhong Development Co., Ltd. has a high reputation in the industry and has been very happy for many years of cooperation. In this project, Chaozhong Development Company completed the production, installation and commissioning of one stage and two rotary kiln within 50 days of the construction period, which meets the production requirements of our company. The equipment has convenient structure, high output and low energy consumption. It is our company's long-term strategic partner.

——Manager Zhao of Molybdenum Industry Company

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