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Have excellent employees, challenge high-end technology, and create quality brands


Constantly self-breakthrough, enhance the level of independent research and development, and dare to develop new fields and new industry products. In the business strategy, the equipment manufacturing enterprise has successfully transformed into a complete equipment supplier.

It has formed a large-scale comprehensive company with independent production, independent development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, product sales and technical services with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons.

It has been widely recognized and praised by the industry, which has laid the foundation for enterprise development and won more room for development. Whether it is technology research and development, production capacity or human environment, it is in the same industry leading level.











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Follow-up interview time will be announced separately!

Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Development Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes you to join us!

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Address: No. 26, Section 2, Longquan Street, Development Zone, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province

Zip code: 122000

Contact number: 0421-7268555, 7268358

Contact: Mr. Chen


Sales Representative


Work content: develop the market, sell products, bidding

Job requirements: work seriously, challenge spirit, love the sales industry, pragmatic

Job responsibilities: handling customer enquiries, communicating with customers, conducting business negotiations, proposing solutions for users, facilitating signing; visiting customers, participating in exhibitions, etc.; following up on contract execution and performing post-maintenance with customers. Complete other work arranged by the superior.

Recruitment position: Network Marketing Specialist Quantity: 1 person

Job requirements: college degree or above, professional qualifications; excellent communication skills, love sales, strong resistance to stress; cheerful personality, good teamwork spirit; experience in metallurgical mining industry is preferred; mechanical related Professional priority.

The basic salary + commission mechanism, the income is not capped.