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Enterprise strength

Enterprise strength


Registered capital of 20 million yuan

Under the cast steel branch and Rilong vanadium and titanium branch

Occupying a site of 30,000 square meters

With more than 100 sets of machining equipment (sets)

Establish industry R&D base,

technological innovation productivity



Technical Center Experimental Site 1000 square meters

More than 40 experimental equipment in the technical center

Approved as a provincial high-tech enterprise in 2017

R & D and innovation


Cooperate with many universities such as Northeastern University, Dalian University of Technology and Shenyang University of Chemical Technology.

More than 30 engineers and technicians

Among them, one is a part-time professor and a doctoral tutor at Northeastern University.

Associate professor 2, senior engineer 2

Professional and perfect technical



Organize basketball competitions, hot spring vacations, fun sports

events and other activities to enrich the staff's amateur cultural life